The Hockey News skriver om Emanuelssons jobb med Sedinarna och Backlund!

Den ansedda hockeyskriften “The Hockey News” hade nyligen rubriken:

“Meet the trainers: These six men help NHL stars get ready to shine”

Naturligtvis finns SHI´s Mats “Emma” Emanuelsson bland de namn som presenteras och som får utveckla sina teorier i artikeln!

Du tar del av hela artikeln genom att följa länken >>>

Så här beskriver Emma sitt sätt att se på träningen med bla. bröderna Daniel och Henrik Sedin (Vancouver Canucks) och Mikael Backlund (CalgaryFlames):


Big Clients: Henrik and Daniel Sedin, Mikael Backlund

“Emanuelsson began as a player in Sweden before jumping to the training side. He’s been a university physical education teacher, a hockey coach and worked with Sweden’s World Junior Championship team.
In 1998, he started the Sweden Hockey Institute. His work with players such as the Sedins, Mikael Backlund and Jacob Josefson includes both on-ice and off-ice sessions, and he breaks training down into four categories: mental, tactical, technical and physical. It’s all about how to get input to the brain. For iconic players like the Sedins, these days the work is about finishing touches. “They are so close to the optimal,” Emanuelsson said. “It’s about small, small parts now. The older they get, the more they need to be free. It’s the mental approach, because they need energy when they’re out there.”
Core work is very important, as that can be a weakness between the upper and lower bodies. With that in mind, you can find the trainer’s clients skating up the ice with parachutes flying out of their backs in the summer, providing a great deal of resistance to their stride. Emanuelsson is also a big believer in skating technique. For him, it’s a matter of marrying power and frequency (the speed between the skate blade leaving […]

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